Exhaust Gas Cleaning System


To protect the environment, the International Maritime Organisation has decrease the limit of sulphur in fuel oil used on board ships from 3,5% to 0.50% m/m from January the 1st 2020.

While switching to Low Sulphur Fuel Oil first appear to be the simplest solution, it is crucial to pay attention to all the disadvantages of this solution:

- As global demand on Low Sulfur Fuel Oil will increase, the forecasts for their price shows a significant increase that will last for the next 5 years at least.

- Increasing demand will also induce a limited availability especially in smaller port where bunkering infrastructures are limited.

- Due to the chemical processes used to produce Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) and Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (ULSFO), the carbon footprint of these fuels is much higher than that of High Sulfur Fuel Oil.

- High Sulfur Fuel Oil has a high viscosity and tend to adhere to the inside of fuel tanks and pipelines forming sludge. So, before switching to a low sulphur fuel, a proper tank cleaning becomes necessary.

The better alternative to comply to the IMO Sulfur Cap 2020 is to equip your vessel with an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (Srubber).

The main advantage is a very short amortization period. And the amortization period is over, the savings on fuel Oil price provide a strong competitive advantage compared to ships without scrubbers.

In an open-loop system, sulphur oxides scrubbed out of the exhaust gas form sulphates which dissolve in the washwater. The acidity of the washwater is neutralised by natural seawater's alkalinity. The washwater is then discharged into the sea in accordance with IMO regulations.

If the natural alkalinity is too low or discharging of affluent is not allowed, sulfur oxides scrubbing is performed in closed loop mode. The seawater is mixed with a neutralizing agent, with which sulphur oxides react and are neutralized. A small bleed-off is extracted from the closed loop and treated to fulfill IMO requirements.

Hybrid scrubber units allow the use of either open loop or closed loop.

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